Philipp Schuerz

About Me

I am currently studying Media Technology and -Design at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg. Before that I graduated from "Die Graphische" in Graphic Design. I was Art Director for the Game Schein.

I love art and I love programming. Art allows me to express ideas in a very powerful way. Programming gives me the ability to engage people in an interactive experience. Combinig programming and art has been amazing for me and I can't imagine giving up either of them anymore.

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Summer 2011 - October 2013
Art Director | 2D/3D Asset creation | Game Design
Schein is a 2D Puzzle Platformer for PC that is available on Steam. It won first place and $50.000 in the category Games at the ImagineCup 2013. I was art director and only artist from the beginning of the Game in 2009 until October 2013. I created most images and all 3D Models.


September 2014
Programming | Art
Is an Android game I made with a partner during my summer vacation. It was a small project for fun, and to get to know Unity a bit better. I programmed the game logic and created the graphics. Stijl is available on Google Play.


Summer Semester 2014
An asteroids implementation that was done for the course Interaction/ Game Programming at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg. We first prototyped a very simple engine in Python. Then we got into teams of two and were given the option of either continuing in Python, or changing to another language. My patner suggested D. So we reprogrammed everything in D and OpenGL. We created an Entity-System, a Messenger and a Finite-State-Machine. For the Entity-System we also made a Component-System, inspired by Unitys Component-System. My main responsibilities were the State-Machine, the Entity-System and the menu. You can download a build for Windows or Mac.


Winter Semeser 2013
2D/3D Asset creation | Game Design | Programming
A Unity based game created as a Semester Project by a four person team. I created almost all 2D and 3D Assets and Animations and did some limited Programming. Mainly, I assisted in debugging and tweaking. Also, I implemented the glow effect when blocking, including the shader and helped with a shader that dynamically changes the color tint of the lightmaps in the scene, depending on the player color. You can download a build for Windows or Mac .



I am versed in…

Unity | Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InDesign | Maya | 3DSMax | Using Google to solve problems

I know…

C# (Unity Scripting API) | Java | Python

I am currently learning…

OpenGL / GLSL | about world history

I speak…

German (Native) | English (Excellent)

I like…

Game Design | Physics | Social Science | Sports (Doing, not watching on TV) | Science Fiction | Pen&Paper RPGs


Get in touch…

Vienna, Austria
+43 664 87 477 85